Stress Test

How Stressed Are You?

The first step in reducing stress is to become aware of the major sources of stress in your life. The following is a list of common stressors. Check all the boxes that apply. Your points will be totaled at the bottom of the test.

Stress Test
During the past 12 months, have you experienced: Points
Death of a spouse 100
Death of a close family member 63
Death of a close friend 37
Jail term 80
Final year or first year of college 63
Pregnancy (you or your significant other) 60
Severe personal illness or injury 53
Marriage 50
Any interpersonal problems 45
Financial difficulties 40
Arguments with your roomate 40
Major disagreements with your family 40
Major change in personal habits 30
Change in living environment 30
Beginning or ending a job 30
Problems with your boss or professor 25
Outstanding personal achievment 25
Failure in some course 25
Final exams 20
Increased or decreased dating 20
Change in your working conditions 20
Change in your major 20
Change in your sleeping habits 18
Several day vacation 15
Change in your eating habits 15
Family reunion 15
Change in recreationial activities 15
Minor illness or injury 15
Minor violations of the law 11
Major change in church activities 19
Sexual difficulties 39
In-law troubles 29
Gaining a new family member 39
Divorce 73
Marital separation from spouse 65
Being fired from work 47
Marital or relationship reconciliation 45
Mortage loan is over $10,000 31
Mortgage loan is less than $10,000 17
Major change in the health or behavior of a family member 44
Total Points:

The more changes or stressors you experience, the more likely you are to get sick.

  • If your score was 150-300 points: You have a moderate chance of getting sick.
  • If your score was 300+ : You have a high chance of serious health problems.

Developed by Thomas Holmes, M.D., University of Washington School of Medicine.