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A Few Words on Infidelity and Affair Recovery from Your Austin Counselor and Psychotherapist, Carolyn C. Martin, MS, LPC, LMFT

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THE CRISIS — Infidelity / Affair / Cheating / Adultery

Basically they’re all the same.

The results of infidelity, adultery, cheating, or having an affair: Broken VowsYou thought you had an understanding with your partner or spouse that included not having a romantic or sexual relationship with anyone outside your relationship or marriage.


Now —
      You either suspect or know for a fact he/she is cheating on you
      or has cheated on you.
Or —
      You either are cheating or were cheating on him/her.

Nothing stirs feelings up more than dealing with this issue. People frequently report their feelings being completely out of control and often report feeling crazy at times. This is true for both the one cheated on and the one doing the cheating.

Webster’s dictionary defines a crisis as being

“the turning point for better or worse; a sudden attack of pain, distress or disordered function; an emotionally significant event or radical change of status in a person’s life; the decisive moment, an unstable or crucial time or state of affair in which a decisive change is impending; a situation that has reached a critical phase.”

Cheating, or being cheated on, creates a major crisis in your life. And when it does, one word takes center stage — the word that says it all.


Few feelings can compare. Even death os often easier to deal with.

Betraying someone who trusted you, even in the most callous of people, often produces more guilt than almost any misdeed. Being betrayed wounds at the deepest level.

It seems as if the relationship can never be healed. How could you ever feel trusted again, or how could you ever trust again?

At Mariposa Psychotherapy Associates, we will help you sort through the myriad of feelings that come from betrayal and then help you chart a path to recovery, whether you chose to end the relationship, or whether you decide to continue the relationship. We'll be using the methods found in Janis Spring's books, After the Affair and How Can I Forgive You. If you decide to stay in the relationship, we will help you make the relationship the best it can be using the research and methods of John Gottman, Ph.D. During this process, you will not only learn how to have a happy, stable relationship, but also how to affair-proof your relationship to avoid ever being in this “crisis” again.

If you would like a sneak peak at what you will be learning at Mariposa Psychotherapy Services, see John Gottman’s research and intervention information at Dr. Gottman has been researching marriage for over 40 years. The information you will learn isn’t pop psychology, TV/radio psychology, or planetary psychology (women aren’t from Venus and men aren’t from Mars). What you will learn comes from THE most reliable research ever done in the area of marriage.

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