Meet Dr. Bijou

Dr. Bijou, the therapy dog.

I'm Dr. Bijou.

From an early age, I discovered the science of behavioral psychology as I trained my owner to reward, cuddle, and play with me. Simple reinforcement techniques worked well with her. I would roll over, and she would give me my favorite treats. I would gaze up at her with my beautiful brown eyes, and she would pet me and cuddle me. I would lay down on my back, and she would scratch my tummy.

Over time my owner discovered that I understood human behavior better than other humans, and naturally she started thinking I could be an asset to her therapy practice. I was just a pup at the time, so I would mostly lay in her lap and look lovingly out at her clients. When they could stand it no longer, the clients would ask to hold me. Being completely ready to learn the most I could about humans, I let them cuddle me. Sometimes they would cry, and I would snuggle closer. I made them feel safe and accepted. Young Dr. BijouRight after I was born, my mom got as close as possible to me, and that always made me feel safe. I thought humans might like that too. I learned that humans need love just as much as creatures like me.

When I got older, seeing my owner's clients made me so excited. Everyone who came in taught me something new. I was jumping for joy. My owner started asking if it was OK for me to “say hello” to her clients. Most of them were just as excited as I was. I learned that humans mostly like dogs, and that they get very playful when they are around them. No matter how bad their day had been or how difficult their lives were going, most of them forgot about their troubles while I was pouncing on them.

Now, I've also learned that some people don't like dogs or are afraid of dogs, so I just say “hi” and then lay beside my owner as she works with them. Dr. Bijou SleepingSometimes they cry or get angry, and I want so badly to help, but my owner tells me to “stay,” and I've taught her she can trust me to do as she says.

I love the work I do. You humans are so fascinating and fun. Feel free to come visit me and my owner whenever you are in need of a little TLC.