Are You An Alcoholic?

Take a few moments to answer these questions, just for yourself, as honestly as you can.

  1. Have you noticed that you are able to drink more, or use more, than you used to but don't get the same effect? For example, does it take more to get you drunk than it used to?
  2. Do you set limits on how much you will drink or use? Do you uphold these limits?
  3. Do you feel anxious if you don't have enough of your favorite substance or alcohol on hand and readily available?
  4. Have you ever "passed out" because you used too much? Have you ever had a blackout? (A blackout is where you are still quite active but have no memory of your behavior the next day.)
  5. Do you drink or use drugs as soon as you get up in an effort to control your anxiety, manage the hangover, or to help with the shakes?
  6. Do you daydream about using or drinking? Do you plan your time or activities around your next drink or use?
  7. Have you ever used alcohol or street drugs while under a doctor's orders not to do so? (For example, most antibiotics require abstaining from alcohol.)
  8. Have you ever gone to school or work while drunk or high?
  9. Is there someone else in your family with a drinking or drug-abuse problem?
  10. Are most of your friends, or most of your social activities, centered around alcohol or drugs?
  11. Do you use to help yourself quiet your mind so you can get to sleep?
  12. Have your friends or family ever expressed concern about your use?
  13. Do you hide, or lie, about your use? (This includes saying you've only had two drinks when you know you've had more.)
  14. Do you drink or use alone?
  15. Do you do or say things while using that you later regret?
  16. Have you ever gotten into trouble with the law because of your drinking or use (DUI, DWI or PI)?
  17. Have you been involved in an accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
  18. Have you lost a job or a relationship because of your use?
  19. Do you switch from one kind of alcohol or substance to another in an effort to cut down or minimize the negative consequences? (Changing from Vodka to beer, or from Cocaine to Pot).
  20. Do you tell yourself you're not an addict because your drug of choice is legal or is prescribed by a doctor?

Of course, there can be some good reasons to answer some of the questions with a yes. But if you find yourself trying to rationalize too many of your answers, perhaps it's time to allow someone to help you.